Thèrése of the Child Jesus
Feast Day 1October, Patron of Foreign Missions

List of Prayers to the Saints 

"I feel that my mission is soon to begin: my mission to make others love the good God as I love Him . . . to give to souls my little way of trust and self-surrender . . . I will spend my heaven in doing good upon earth."

O Father in Heaven, Who through Saint Thèrése of the Child Jesus, desires to remind the world of the merciful Love that fills Thy Heart, and the childlike trust we should have in Thee, humbly we thank Thee for having crowned with so great glory Thine ever faithful child, and for giving her wondrous power to bring to Thee, day by day, innumerable souls who will praise Thee eternally.

Saint Thèrése of the Child Jesus, remember your promise to do good upon earth, shower down your roses on those who invoke your name, and obtain for us from God the graces we hope for from his infinite goodness.  Amen.  (Mention your petitions)