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So, when are we going to start doing something good?
St. Philip Neri


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The saints are like a group of trees, each bearing different fruit, but watered from the same source.  The practices of one saint differ from those of another, but it is the same spirit that works in all of them.
(Sayings of the Desert Fathers)

03 Jul  Thomas, apostle

Jesus is the loving symbol of what our life should be, he will judge us on the conformity of our life with his.

04 Jul Andrew of Crete

While Mary lived among us, only a tiny bit of our earth possessed her.  Now that she is in heaven, the entire world holds her to its bosom as the universal peace-maker between it and the offended God.

05  Jul Antony Zaccaria

We should love and feel compassion for those who oppose us, since they harm themselves and do us good, and adorn us with crowns of everlasting glory.

06  Jul Maria Goretti

If God came down on our altars on certain days only, some sinner, on being moved to repentance, might have to look for Him, and not finding Him have to wait.  Our Lord prefers to wait Himself for the sinner for years rather than keep him waiting an instant.

11 Jul  Benedict, founder

One who has the virtue of humility will find that perfect love of God which casts out fear.  That which had been worried about, will now appear simple and natural.  One will no longer act out of the fear of hell, but for the love of Christ.

Let us direct ourselves by faith and the practice of good works, and, guided by the gospel, walk the path Christ has cleared for us.  Thus may we deserve to see him, who has called us into his kingdom.

15 Jul  Bonaventure, cardinal, doctor of the Church

In all your deeds and words you should look upon this Jesus as your model.  Do so whether you are walking or keeping silence, or speaking, whether you are alone or with others.  He is perfect, and thus you will be not only free from wrong-doing, but praiseworthy.

When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than the proceedings from the mouth.

18 Jul  Camillus de Lellis

Think well, speak well, do well.  These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to heaven.

18 Jul  Bruno, bishop

Jesus, son of Mary, has no likeness among men, nor has Mary any likeness among women.  She is the most beautiful of the living; she is a splendid dawn rising.

21 Jul  Lawrence of  Brindisi

God wants everyone, everyone, to learn this truth from childhood on; that he who trusts in Mary, that he who relies on Mary will never be abandoned either in this world or in the next.

23 Jul  Bridget of Sweden

God loves all human beings.  He has created them all and has redeemed them all by His Passion of the Cross.

The world would have peace if the men of politics would only follow the Gospels.

30 Jul  Peter Chrysologus

A gentle maiden having lodged a God in her womb, asks as its price, peace for the world, salvation for those who are lost, and life for the dead.

I heard and trembled with fear at the sound of the voice that came from my lips.  I, a man, called God my father!

31 Jul  Ignatius of Loyola

There are in my three kinds of thoughts, the first is my own which comes from my own liberty and free-will.  The other two come from outside of me - one from the good spirit, and the other from the evil spirit.

It is important that we make ourselves indifferent to all created things, so that we may desire and choose only those which most lead us to heaven, the end for which we were created.



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