The March For Life
A Picture Story - 2022
Opposing the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion on January 22, 1973.

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The day for the annual March For Life in Washington, DC dawned both very cold and cloudy.  Cold, perhaps, because on this exact day in the winter of 1973 that the United States Supreme Court announced its Roe v Wade decision but did not examine the scientific evidence that the yet unborn child carried by its mother was a human.  The decision led to the legalization of abortion in all 59 states.  The clouds which covered most of the blue sky that morning could portray the resulting confusion as the total of infant abortions has now risen to more than 64 million in the United States.  Later in the day, the clouds cleared, the sun became warmer, and the marchers were encouraged by the many pro-life congressional speakers who spoke.

The number of marching participants was estimated in the thousands, and considering the COVID travel precautions were present to demonstrate their commitment to the Life Principles identified so clearly by Jeanne Mancini, president of March For Life. 

She stressed that the right to life is a human right and the defense of that right is a joyful witness to the beauty and dignity of every human person.  She explained that the March for Life is an inspiring, peaceful, vibrant, and joy-filled rally of women, men, young people, and children from all across the country.  Every year, tens of thousands of pro-lifers converge on the National Mall and march on Capitol Hill on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized abortion in all 50 states.  It's the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world.  But this is not just a protest. . .  TOGETHER, WE GATHER TO CELEBRATE LIFE.  She said, "We march because we envision a future world where every human life is valued and protected, and we promote the beauty and dignity of all by working to end abortion - uniting, educating, and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square."

Above is a hospital sonogram image of a human child in its mother's womb soon to be born.  

                                                                          The March For Life