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                                             Credo: I Believe

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A. God, The Father Of All
    01. I Believe
    02. The Trinity
    03. Creator of Heaven and Earth
    04. Realm of the Angels
    05. Made in His Image
    06. The Fall from Grace
    07. The Chosen People
    08. Moses Leads God's People
    09. The Forming of God's People   
    10. The Words of the Prophets   

B. God The Son, The Redeemer
    01. In the Fullness of Time   
    02. Born in the City of David
    03. The Holy Family
    04. The Kingdom of Heaven   
    05. The Father and I Are One
    06. Your Sins Are Forgiven
    07. True God and True Man
    08. Rejected by the Proud       
    09. Acceptance of the Father's Will   
    10. The Perfect Sacrifice

    11. He Is Risen
    12. Jesus Sends the Apostles

C. God The Holy Spirit, The Sanctifier
    01. The Giver of Life
    02. The Mystical Body  
    03. The Identity of the Church 
    04. The Church Rules  
    05. Teach All Nations  
    06. Called to Holiness  
    07. The Mother of God In Our Lives   
    08. Unto Everlasting Life   
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